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Do you have old bicycles or parts cluttering up your shed or garage?
Have you recently replaced your bicycle or outgrown it?

Would you like your old bicycles to be recycled?

Click below to download our

Donation help sheet

​If the answer is yes, CycleRecycle may be able to help.

We take unwanted bicycles, and recycle them. 
We strip them down to parts, evaluate and renovate if necessary, but most importantly, we keep bikes of out landfill.


When you bring a bicycle to CycleRecycle for donation we will give you a £5 voucher to spend in-store. (Please note we are unable to collect)

  • How long does a bike service take?
    We will be working on your bike for 2 hours, however if we need to order parts it can take longer while we wait for the parts to arrive.
  • What is covered in a Adult Full Service?
    We cover everything, Its a 42 point check. The only things not covered are parts and wheel truing.
  • How often should i get my bike serviced?
    We recommend every 12 months. Bikes we see every 12 months tend to cost less to fix, because we can spot issues and problems before they become expensive.
  • My wheel needs truing, how long will it take?
    we try to get wheel jobs done within 2 working days, however this may be longer if we have to order parts.
  • I have bought the parts, can you build me a wheel?
    Yes, of course. Pop in and see us so we can discuss your requirements
  • What if you cant fix my wheel?
    We have lots of secondhand wheels at reasonable prices to get you back on the road
  • How long does a bike build take
    Bike builds usually take 2 hours
  • Do you repair the tube?
    Usually no, we replace the old damaged tube with a brand new inner tube
  • How long does it take?
    We normally allow 30 mins for a inner tube replacement
  • what do i need to do/bring?
    You'll need your bike, as were going to put you on our turbo trainer. You'll also need to wear your usual cycling clothes. You'll be cycling on the turbo trainer to so a drink is recommended.
  • How does it work?
    To start with we will get your bike onto our turbo trainer and get you stationary cycling We will take a photo of your position (with your camera phone not ours) as a before Then we will ask you some questions, followed by some adjustments. Then once we feel we have solved the issues we will take an `after` photo with your phone to compare
  • Can I bring a friend?
    Of course, in fact we encourage it, they can take the before and after photos
  • How long does it take?
    The appointment is for 1 hour - Youll be on your bike for aprox 20minutes of that. You can ask as many questions as you like about your fit.
  • Who is a bike fit suitable for?
    Everyone. A Bike fit can completely change your cycling. If you are experiencing any of the following :- Saddle sore Sore knees Sore ankles Tight neck Tight shoulders Lower back pain Wrist soreness pins and needles tight hamstrings then a Bike fit will help It can also be useful to help make you more efficient on your bike and improve performance
  • What about trading in?
    We offer a trade in service. We would need to see the bicycle you would like to trade in first to give you a trade in value. Please contact us regarding trading in.
  • How do I donate a bike to you?
    Donating a bike is easy, Simply bring your donations into our Kessingland shop during our opening hours. You don't need to make an appointment and we will give you a £5 CycleRecycle voucher for each complete bike you donate.
  • Do you send my donation to the third world?
    Whilst we agree wholeheartedly with the concept of sending unwanted bicycles to the third world, there are many charity's that do this already. Our concern is that when a bicycle breaks down in the third world, there is invariably less likelihood of it being fixed, or indeed recycled. We are determined to keep bikes and parts out of landfill, here in the UK and globally. Sending bikes overseas can mean that bikes end up into foreign landfill, and the carbon footprint that comes from shipping bikes mean this is something that CycleRecycle wouldn't want to contribute too.
  • Why should I recycle my bike?
    We promote keeping bicycles out of landfill. Bicycles by their nature are very difficult to recycle as they have different grades and types of metal used in their construction. They also have rubber tyres and inner tubes. the contact points can be made from various different types of plastics. The whole thing is a headache for the recycling centres so they tend to throw them into general waste (or land fill as it is better known). We take the bike and strip it down. We are yet to come across the bike that doesn't have some salvageable parts. We clean and service the parts and restore them to their former condition. More importantly, your donation will make a positive change in someones life. It could help someone find and keep a job, help a child get to school or help someone get fitter and healthier.
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