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The ultimate toolkit for cyclists: 10 must-have maintenance tools

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your bike in good working condition and prolonging its lifespan. Having the right set of tools can make maintenance and repairs much easier.

Here's a guide to the 10 essential tools that every cyclist should have:

Bicycle pump: A good quality pump is essential for keeping your tires properly inflated. Look for a pump that is easy to use and can reach your tire's recommended pressure.

The Raleigh RMJ950 (below) is the one we use in our shop - its durable, easy to use and reliable

Tire levers: Tire levers make it easy to remove and install tires, allowing you to fix a flat tire quickly and easily. Look for levers that are made of durable plastic and have a good grip.

We use the CyclePro CPT309 (below) in our shop because they are stiff, long lasting have a great protective plastic coating to prevent damage to rims

Hex wrenches: Hex wrenches (also known as Allen wrenches) are essential for making adjustments to your bike, such as adjusting the seat height or tightening bolts. Look for a set that includes a range of sizes and has a good grip.

We use the Silverline set below in our shop, they are long lasting, made of strong material, and store away nicely.

Chain tool: A chain tool is a must-have tool for removing, installing and adjusting the length of your bike's chain. Look for a chain tool that is durable and easy to use.

We use the XLC SINGLE TO 11 SPEED UNI CHAIN TOOL - Chain tools are famous for breaking the delicate rivet needle, but this tool comes with a chain guide, meaning its always lined up - great tool

Spoke wrench: A spoke wrench is useful for making adjustments to your bike's wheels. It allows you to tighten or loosen the spokes, which can help to fix wobbling or unbalanced wheels.

When it comes to wheel tools, there's only one brand we use. The Park Tool. Spoke nipples are notoriously easy to round off, but the Park tool there's never a problem - pricey, but worth the investment

Chain lube: Chain lube is essential for keeping your bike's chain lubricated and running smoothly. Look for a chain lube that is specifically designed for bike chains and can withstand dirt and water.

Our go to chain lube is TF2 - spray it on, leave it for 5 mins, and remove the excess with a rag - job done

Cleaning kit: Keeping your bike clean is an important part of maintenance and a cleaning kit with a brush, degreaser, and rags is a must-have.

The Muc Off products are fantastic, and the kit below comes with all the brushes you'll need to clean your bike

Multitool: A multitool with a variety of different sized Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and a chain tool is a handy tool to have on hand for quick repairs and adjustments.

When out on a ride, we carry the Crank bros Multi 19 - everything we need, in a tiny package

Cable cutter: Cable cutter is a great tool to have for cutting brake and gear cables, it's important to have a good quality one that will make a clean cut.

We use these draper cable cutters in our shop - they are reliable, hard wearing and give a crisp, clean cut

Cassette lockring tool: This tool is essential for removing and installing the cassette on the rear wheel, which is necessary for cleaning and replacing the rear gear cluster.

This must have tool makes your life so much easier, well made, and durable (will probably be the last one you buy), whats not to love

When buying maintenance tools, consider the quality of the tools and their durability, it's important to invest in good quality tools that will last a long time and make your bike maintenance easier and more efficient.


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