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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Student Cycling

New college and university years start soon, and cycling to your course is a great way to save money. Follow our guide to protect your bicycle.

Don't spend too much on your Uni/College bike

It needs to be functional, not super lightweight & super cool. if your £500+ bike gets stolen its the end of the world (and probably your student loan) its not so much of a drama if its a £70 bike. If you're lucky enough to have an expensive bike, leave it at home

Have your bike serviced

A bicycle that's been serviced will be

  • More efficient to ride

  • More reliable

  • cost less in repairs in the future

it will also give you (and your family) peace of mind that your bike is safe and reliable

you can book your bicycle service in below

Lock it up

There are 2 types of bike thief

Organised - They do this for a living, they target bikes and usually carry tools to break locks etc

Opportunist - They look for easy targets, unlocked bikes, bikes locked out of full view etc.

The organised thief is difficult to stop, but you can make their lives difficult.

  • Lock your bike in a public place - thieves dont like to stand out

  • Lock it to something immoveable - thieves like easy

  • remove accessories that can be easily pinched (lights, panniers etc)

  • lock your wheels to the frame

Below is a phone in we did on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine

Look for the Cycle paths

Most towns have a cycle path network, which make cycling a lot safer. Check out your town council for more details, or search for sustrans online

Hide your bike for freshers week

You made it to Uni, and your ready for the time of your life. But the local bikes thieves will be rubbing the hands with excitement. Hide your bike in your room (and lock it up) for the first couple of weeks to avoid the opportunist thieves that will want your bike.

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