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SELL YOUR BIKE with CycleRecycle

The most common question we get asked is `Do you buy bikes?`,

Our answer has always been that our policy is no.

When asked why, our reasoning has been

1. The police have asked us not to buy bikes. So many our stolen every day, that if word spreads that we buy bikes, then bikes will start to be stolen to order. The police visit our branches regularly, and check our bikes against a list of reported stolen bikes and have told us they will close us down if they suspect we are dealing in stolen bikes.

2. Because of the policy above, our customers know our bikes are not stolen property.

but Bike thieves are a tiny, tiny proportion of the customers that come into our shops, the vast majority are genuine people who, for one reason or another have a genuine bike they would like to sell.

its for this reason we are opening up our website to customers bikes.

You can now list you bike on the CycleRecycle website for a small one off fee, and get the following benefits

for just £4.99 we will:

Share your listing to our website (4000 cycle buyer hits per week)
Share your listing to 4100+ Facebook followers
Share your listing to our 1400+ Instagram followers
Share your listing with our 69000+ Twitter followers

Below is a chart comparing advertising your bike with us, and our competitors

To place your ad, click the button below

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